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Advanced Hospital Management System

Advanced Hospital Management System is a software application designed specifically for helping you manage a hospital
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7 February 2015

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A tool that helps manage a hospital/clinic or a nursing home.

This tool offers all the features you are going to need to run a health care unit; whether it is a clinic, a nursing home or a regular hospital. IPD, OPD, Billing, Medicines, Lab, Reporting, Appointments can all be managed from the software at a central place. The tool can help you maintain complete medical records for the patients. These can be linked with details of the admitted patients, Guardians and their doctors. All the details of the prescriptions/ Treatments /Services /Lab tests done in your Hospital can be managed through this software quite comfortably. As all the details are available to the tool, it is able to generate the bills for a patient for a given treatment episode. Everything that you need to generate a bill are available and the bill gets generated quickly and accurately.

This utility lets you manage details of activities in every part of the hospital. Whatever is happening in the wards, departments, doctors’ activities, pharmacy sales and purchases can all be monitored from the tool. Appropriate reports are generated easily so that tracking and monitoring of activities in any of these areas is easily done. Some example reports that you can generate include in-patient reports, patient admission, discharge, treatments, expenses, etc. Similarly, you can generate medicines prescribed, treatment given, visit Records, revenue, etc. for out-patients at any time. Hospital related information like rooms, wards, departments, medicines, lab tests, treatments, doctors, etc. could be generated as easily. Revenue reports that tells you what exactly is going on in the business can be generated and these include exact revenues and bills, patient wise, weekly, monthly, yearly or any other period can be made available easily. This is a very good tool.

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Advanced Hospital Management System lets you keep track of inpatients by following three built-in steps. You need to provide personal details about the inpatient, such as first name, gender, age, address, phone number, patient occupation and civil status, as well as insert data about guardian (e.g. patient ID, name, gender, address, phone number, occupation). Furthermore, you can enter patient information (e.g. patient ID, guardian ID, admission date and time, patient status, diagnosis, referred and assigned doctor IDs, room ID). A built-in search wizard is implemented for helping you look for inpatients and outpatients in the database and apply criteria, such as patient ID, first name, surname, account type and company name. When it comes to managing outpatient detail records, you may enter personal details, such as patient ID, first name, surname, gender, age, and address.
Advanced Hospital Management System
Advanced Hospital Management System
Version 4.0
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